How it Works

How to submit your film and what happens after it is accepted

The Platform – How To View & Participate

  • The online festival will run for a period of 60 days.
  • Approved movies, both for the competitive and non-competitive section, will be available for viewing globally on Bongflix.Com — on any device, anywhere, any time. Watch FREE by simply visiting Bongflix.Com on the internet browser of any device – PC/Mac, Tablet, Phone and TV. No app, no box, no hassle.
  • Your Dollar Is Your Vote — While watching the movies of this festival is free, you will be presented with a Tip Jar at the end of your viewing. You are requested to give a tip based on how much you liked the movie. Films will be ranked and awarded based on the amount of tips each has collected. A unique way to vote for and support this project!
  • Viewers worldwide will vote to select the top twenty movies within a period of sixty days. The top twenty movies will then be presented to the jury for award selection. Awarded movies will be screened in Kolkata at the prestigious Priya and Bioscope theaters.

The Online Advantage

  • The content rights remain with the filmmaker and you can earn money after the festival period with the content on the platform.
  • CDN, storage, marketing the content to 1.2 million Bengalis worldwide, are entirely done by BongFlix.
  • Unique social-media features to enable viral marketing via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your content is viewable within Facebook by your fans and friends.
  • Bullet-proof non-pirate-able platform.
  • The content will be viewable on any device, anywhere, anytime – PC/Mac, Tablet, Smartphone and TV. No app, no box, no hassle. Fully compatible even with Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

What’s for the FILMMAKER

  • Exposure of their films to renowned filmmakers internationally. Selected entries and / or WINNERS will be given international sales and exposure through platforms like Global Lens Initiative; to buy and promote these films.
  • Target reach of 1.2 million bangla speaking online audience
  • Crowd funding opportunity for their next projects, which will be mentored by Priya Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. and managed by
  • Theatrical exhibition of top 20 selected films through popular choice of online audience at Bioscope Multiplex and Priya Cinema.


  • Dedicated Facebook and Google+ promotions
  • Direct regular emailers to 1.2 million bangla audience
  • Dedicated extensive PR activities


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